Services and Fees

ServiceDescription of ServiceService Cost*
Grant Prospecting ERC conducts an extensive search for government and foundation funding opportunities that align with the client's stated objective(s). ERC provides the client with a document that lists current and projected available funding opportunities. $250 - $1,000
Grant Writing

ERC leads the client in developing and submitting a competitive grant proposal. The ERC grant writer

  1. conducts a detailed review of the funding agency's solicitation as well as all available resources that may provide the writer with a better understanding of the grant program and agency's funding priorities (e.g., attending webinars, workshops, etc.);
  2. engages the funding agency's Program Officer(s) throughout the proposal development process to discuss all relevant issues that may assist the writer in strengthening the proposal;
  3. develops documents (e.g., Project Timeline, Project Task List) to guide the proposal development process and ensure that the client's application is fully responsive to the solicitation and completed by the deadline;
  4. collaborates with the client to develop a competitive project design;
  5. develops all documents required to submit a fully responsive and competitive grant application (e.g., abstract, narrative, budget, budget narrative, project timeline, logic model, target performance matrix, etc.); and
  6. compiles and submits the grant application as per funding agency requirements.
$7,500 - $12,500

(includes Grant Proposal Review and Copyediting)
Grant Proposal Review

ERC conducts a comprehensive review of a grant proposal the client has developed in house to ensure the proposal is as competitive as possible. Specifically, ERC

  1. assesses the competitiveness of the project design;
  2. evaluates the proposal's responsiveness to the evaluation criteria in the funding announcement;
  3. identifies proposal strengths and weaknesses, highlighting opportunities to strengthen the proposal;
  4. determines the extent to which proposal components comply with the program requirements and submission guidelines stated in the solicitation.

The ERC grant proposal reviewer uses MS Word Track Changes and Comments features to conduct the review. In addition, the reviewer provides the client with a separate rubric that provides a more detailed evaluation of each proposal component (e.g., narrative sections, budget, budget narrative, logic model, etc.).

$1,000 - $1,750
Grant Copyediting ERC copyedits a client's final draft of a grant proposal using MS Word Track Changes. $225 - $500

*Estimated service costs listed above are based on ERC historical data regarding the number of hours required to complete each service. Before starting a project, ERC assesses the client's scope of work, estimates the number of hours required to complete the scope of work, and provides the client with a service agreement that states the total cost for services. ERC does not bill clients for hours exceeding the service agreement estimate.